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Do you feel it?  

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Fall is in the air. Today is the first day of that I really know Fall is just a week away. It's raining here and a chilly 64 degrees. Just two days ago it was a sticky 90 degrees.

I love the Fall. In my imagination each year's Fall is more perfect than the last. Autumnal life in my head is a picture straigh from an L.L. Bean catalogue. Not that I ever buy anything from them to make my fantasy a reality.

I picture myself running to catch the colorful leaves as they fall from the trees. I think I actually did this once when I was a kid, and it was so much fun. Nothing to worry about, and if you caught a leaf before it hit the ground you got to make a wish. Ahhh Backyard Bliss.

This time of year is so rich in sight, smell, taste, I try not to miss any of it. The color of leaves as they change in the mountains is a sight I attempt to catch each year. (You have to be careful to time your visit because the diference of a week can change everything.) On the trip to see the leaves you have to stop at the orchard and get some fresh apple butter and pumpkin butter.

This time last year was kind of hectic. Hubby J. and I had just gotten married. We were all adjusting to our new family, with crazy work and school schedules. Hopefully this year we will have time to make a trip to the mountains, and maybe I will get a chance to introduce leaf wishing to Little B.

Go catch a leaf.....


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