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Leaving it all at the office...  

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I know that many people would say that I am young and I have so much ahead in life, don't rush, stop and smell the roses....

Well I have wished that the day I can have a job that allows me to 'leave it all at the office' would hurry up and get here. I have worked in other jobs where the drama of the office or the drama of the coffee shop followed me home and really took it out of me emotionally to the point I hated getting up in the morning because it would lead to another exhausting day of drama. That drama would spill over in to my home life, I would discuss it with my husband, become frustrated because I just needed to let it all go and move on, but I couldn't. I had involved myself with my coworkers in a way that created friendships and enemies. I know everyone has been in this position; a position where you have to alter your personality to fit with the person you are dealing with at the present time.

These jobs suck.

Well I have been working in Charlotte as a legal assistant for a couple of months now, and the office atmosphere is completely different than I have ever experienced. I work with one attorney, and there is another attorney and assistant in the same office. I have not involved myself on any level other than a professional level with my office mates. I leave personal business at the door at 9am and leave work business at the door at quitin' time. There is a sense of respect among professionals here, not the drama associated with frenemies.

Driving down I-77 to this morning I realized that the day I had been wishing for had finally arrived, and it feels good. Here's to the boundaries that help organize our lives and keep us sane. Try not to let work spill over into your home life, it's no fun.


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