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My favorite fish...  

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I spent a good bit of time today with the fish. I had to clean the tanks, change some water, and make sure everyone is healthy and happy. I really like watching the fish. Each one has a different personality and they all do really cute things. Right now we are waiting for 'mama', a very pregnant guppy to have babies. About two months ago we had a litter of fry and moved them into their own tank so they could grow without the fear of being eaten by the bigger fish. Well our babies are big enough to be moved into the grown up tank as soon as the new babies are born.

In the guppy tank we also have a dwarf gourami, a betta, two cory cats, three snails, and some ghost shrimp. They make for a very lively tank, and a lot of excitement to watch. We also have a goldfish tank with four fancy goldfish; two of these fish started my fish keeping hobby the day we took Little B. to the county fair and won them by bouncing ping pong balls into little jars. Who would have ever thought fish from the fair would actually live? These two fish have now been with us for a year and have more than tripled in size.

So many people have a misunderstanding of goldfish. They are not cheap, boring, easy to care for, or throw away starter fish. I think goldfish are terribly underestimated pets.

Here is a photo of my favorite goldfish, the one in the foreground. This fish is one that came from the fair.


Happy Sunday to all.


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Seeing Bobby, my 15 mo. old at the aquarium yesterday made me start to think that I need a fish or 2 as pets...

reading this made me want to go out and get the fish today!

A word of advice that has saved me tons of money...check out
They have so much information and a great forum. It's amazing how wrong the people at Petsmart or Petco can be. Happy Fishing!

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