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Pneumonia with a side order of mold...  

Posted by: Meredith

Over the past 3 1/2 weeks I have been battling a nasty chest cold. It all started out as a head cold, which disappeared quickly, and then took hold of my lungs. I haven't really been feeling bad, just a nasty cough. This cough has been disturbing others in my office so I have been downing Robitussin like H2O. That did nothing for the cough, just kept me a bit loopy in the head so I was not bothered as much.

I know all moms have put off going to the doctor for something as minor as a cough. We don't have the time to be sick. So we keep running and doing and making everyone happy. But eventually it will come to haunt you. I decided Friday that I would skip my 5 hour accounting class on Saturday to go to the doctor. I don't like the doctor, but anything is better than 5 hours of accounting, especially on a Saturday.

By Saturday morning my chest was really starting to hurt, I had been wheezing for a few days, and I could hear stuff rattling around when I would breath. A few minutes with the stethoscope and the doctor confirmed that in addition to bronchitis, I had pneumonia.

4 prescriptions later and I was on the couch at home feeling terrible. I guess once my mind was convinced that I was sick, my body finally began acting sick. But that is not the end of my bad news weekend...

Walking in the door at home from the doctor I was over come with an intense mildew/mold smell. How gross! I searched and searched and could not find anything. The day before we smelled something funny but could not put our finger on it. We had a suspicion it was coming from the clothes washer. On Saturday, after talking to others that know more that us, Hubby J. came to the conclusion that there was mold growing in the drain pipe from the clothes washer.

Being the attentive and caring husband that J. is, he did a bit of research on mold and decided that Little B. and I had to be out of the house for the night until he got the mold cleaned up. Which he did by the end of Saturday night.

So just hours of being diagnosed with pneumonia, and my body finally telling me that it's ok to be sick, and just wanting to rest all night in my own bed with my husband to take care of me, I find out that I have to drive to my mothers house for the night.

What started out as a weekend with no plans, a time to slow down and relax, became anything but. And to top it all off, the Boss has me running around town all day, not really helping the wheezing...

Maybe next weekend will be better.


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