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What about co-sleeping or the family bed...  

Posted by: Meredith

In my Aloha Friday post I asked the question 'Do you "co-sleep", or do you have a "family bed"?,' The comments that I received were mainly families that do not co-sleep on a regular basis. I wanted to know how common co-sleeping and the family bed was today.

When Little B. was born I never planned to have him sleep with me, however, typical life happened and we sleep together every night now. Sometimes I enjoy the opportunity to be close to my baby, being so busy with work and school, it's a chance to just cuddle be together. Other times, however, I really wish I could stay in bed with my husband and sleep through the night.

When B. was born his father would not help with the bottles in the middle of the night. ( And I kinda had to be up every couple of hours anyway to breastfeed or pump to avoid explosion!) So, when it came time to feed the little bugger got hungry, I would just put him in bed with me to nurse so I could just go back to sleep while B. got his fill. Two hours later B. would wake me up to eat and I would flip over and let him at the other side.

Brandon continued to sleep with me after we moved back to my dad's house when his father and I split. We slept in the same bed out of necessity not choice. When Hubby J. and I got married and I moved into his house, the co-sleeping continued. But, this co-sleeping was only between B. and I. I have to lay down with the little one to get him to go to sleep, usually I have to be holding his hand, and when he is asleep I quietly get up and spend a few hours with the Hubs. and then we go to bed.

Within a few hours Little B. will wake up and make his way into our room, proceed to my side of the bed, and wake me up to go get in his bed. I am an exceptionally heavy sleeper and am blessed with the ability to get up from the bed, walk across the house, and be back to sleep before my head hits the pillow in the next room.

The nights that I have school and and Hubby J. puts B. to bed, I really enjoy being able to be there when he gets up and surprise him, and snuggle until he goes back to sleep. (You see, B. is a massive mamma's boy and when he sees me in the middle of the night, after J. put him to bed, he is soooo excited.) Other times, such as Sunday nights, after a day of constant running, playing, non-stop screaming (because that is what toddlers do), cleaning, catching up, I really want to be able to put the kid to bed and sleep the entire night without having to wake up and go to another bed.

It's interesting to discuss with others the way their family deals with decisions we all make, and how those decisions change with the reality of life. I wish that Little B. would sleep in his own bed, by himself, and sleep the entire night. However, it doesn't look like that is going to happen any time soon so I will enjoy having a baby that needs his mama to be able to get a good night's sleep until he decides to be a 'big boy' and sleep by himself.

Hopefully that will happen before we have another, or at least by the time the sleepovers start!


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Good Morning,

Thank you for stopping by and sharing about your weekend. I do hope you begin to feel better. It is never fun when "the mom" is sick.

My weekend was very relaxing. No deadline, no rushing..simply enjoying.

Yes, when my kids were much younger we had a co-sleeping bed when needed.

hey you!

thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving that "nice" comment!

i love to find/meet new blog friends especially ones who live clear across the country!

ps so jealous of where you live :)

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