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What is the hottest show this fall?  

Posted by: Meredith

I have found the show that has captured my attention for good....RAISING THE BAR!
Now, of course, there are other shows that I watch,(Gossip Girl), but this weekend I actually had a chance to watch the past 4 episodes of Raising the Bar. I have been DVRing them since the show started, and when I started watching Saturday, I had a mini-marathon to watch.

As the title suggests this show is about lawyers, somewhat like Boston Public, somewhat like Law and Order. Since I am studying to be a paralegal, it only makes sense that a show about law would capture my attention. However, you don't have to be interested in law to enjoy this show.

The relationships between the characters is so true to life, and there is at least one personality each of us could relate to. I relate to Jerry Kellerman in that I am very stubborn like he is. Jerry Kellerman is played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Here is the character description from the show website:

Anyone facing prosecution would be lucky to have Jerry Kellerman as a public defender. His passion and energy are matched by his unwavering devotion to securing justice for all. He will not hesitate to stand up to even the most ruthless judge if he thinks his client is not being treated fairly. He bristles when others manipulate the system at the expense of those he is trying to defend.

I love how he never backs down from a fight, even if it means he might end up in jail, just to help his client get justice.

Watch the show if you get a chance. You will probably enjoy it. Let me know what you think...

UPDATE: This show is on TNT, sorry I left that part out!

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What network is this on? I haven't heard about it. Sounds like a good show.

i love raising the bar as well!

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