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Christ the Redeemer in Rio...  

Posted by: Meredith

This photo is amazing to me. I look at it and wonder how amazing it must be to have this reminder of our Lord, Jesus Christ, watching over us at all times.

I told Hubby J. that he has to take me to Rio de Janero one day to see the 'Christ the Redeemer' statue.

Where in the world would you go, if you could afford it?

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my bro traveled all over the world last year and this statue was one of his pit stops...he said that there are no words that can truly describe it. it's just a feeling...

i would go to new zealand and the mini-hidden parts of europe that i did not get to while i was there...

I would go to Africa and visit Val and sit with her on her stoep to watch those warthogs! I saw that you were a follower of Val`s blog. Isn`t it great?

Hi...I just came across your blog and love your posting style! I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I also have a fascination with Sweden but would have to get past my fear of super long flights. Rio would be nice though, I must say.

"The Working Mom Experience"

hi Meredith
thanks so much for being a follower of my blog!
my travel dream list just seems to be getting longer and longer so i think nothing less than a world tour would do! haha - what an amazing planet we do live on - just endlessly endlessly fascinating :-)

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