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Cipro to the rescue!!!  

Posted by: Meredith

Last week I ended up taking off work for Thursday and Friday because I was not getting over the pneumonia I had been battling. Thursday I called the Dr. and he changed my antibiotic for the third time, this time trying Cipro. Lo and behold I am beginning to feel like myself again after 6 long weeks of this mess.

Reading the blogs that I follow, or stumble across, it seems that a lot of people are sick right now. I wonder if more people than usual are getting their fall colds earlier, or if I just never noticed how so many people get sick all at the same time.

Whatever the issue is with you or the person next to you, or your child, or you husband, or your neighbor, I want to send GET WELL to all of you.

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I'm sorry to hear your sick too. Glad to hear on the road to recovery. Take care.

Hope you feel better soon.

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