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Aloha Friday!  

Posted by: Meredith

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day to take it easy and look forward to the weekend. Kalani @ An Island Life is hosting Aloha Friday. What's that you ask? I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Today's Question is:
Are you going to see the Twilight movie? If so, do you think it will be as good as the book?

My answer:

I hope it will be as good as the book. I read all 4 in just over a week. I have a mental idea of what the movie should be, and I hope it can compare to awesomness of the book.

Yes, I will go see it, and Hubby J. will too!


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I've yet to read the books, so I'll probably wait until after I read the series. =)

Happy Aloha Friday!

I'll go see it but I want to finish the second book first. I hope it's as good as the book.

I'll go see it...but I have to say, I wasn't really a fan of the books! Am I just crazy or what?? :)

I LOVED the books (btw I'm an "Esme") & yes, I will go see the movie. I'm even moving my daughter's final ortho surgical consult to another day so that I can go on the 21st! (she's being discharged from the clinic. She's all better!)

I haven't read the books but I think I saw a preview for the movie the other night. Looks interesting but my movie going days are very limited to kid friendly films.

Probably not. I try not to see anything that may keep me up and night or that may cause my wife to call me a sissy. :)

Hmmmm...Twilight...never heard of the books or the movie.....
I see you have a weight loss tracker on your site. 125 is my ideal weight, what are you doing to lose, I need to lose 10 pounds....

Hmmmm maybe...we have family come into town so hopefully we will get a chance! Much aloha!

I am DYING to see the movie and I hope it is excellent!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I will shove those teeny boppers out of the way! You might catch me on the 10 o'clock news! I have high hopes that it is close to the books, I have never seen a movie that was as good as the book, but my fingers are crossed!


While I don't share your enthusiasm *wink* yes I will.

we havent gone out to see a movie in doubt it!

I'd love to watch it, but i haven't been to the movies since the girls have been born... and they turned 1 Thursday.. lol

I haven't read the book yet but I will borrow my niece's copy of the 1st book. I'm looking forward to the movie.

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