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Bottoms Up! At least that's what I call her...  

Posted by: Meredith

As I have said before, I have three fish tanks. One of which is a cold water tank for my fantail goldfish. Two of these fish were won at the fair and the other two were purchased. Goldfish can be fairly fragile, despite what most people believe.

Fancy goldfish especially are very likely to have problems with their swim bladder. Because of their shape it's easy for them to become constipate and therefore will fill with gas and float upside down or have trouble swimming and diving to the bottom of the tank. The easy solution to this problem is to feed them peas. 20 minutes later, no more gas.

Well one of the fish I have has mental issues I have determined. Of course, you might expect something like this from a fish that used to hang out with crazy carnies, but this is one of the fish I bought. She, and I have no idea if she is a she or a he, likes to swim upside down for the fun of it. Hubbs and I will glance over every so often and think that she is dead, but never fail she is just playing a trick on us. (Fish aren't supposed to like being upside down.)

I tried to get a video of her doing this as it's sorta cute, but everytime I tried to she would flip over and splash me. Silly girl. So the best I could do is get a couple of pictures.

From 24 hours is never enough!

From 24 hours is never enough!


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Very funny! Maybe she just needs some Prozac.

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