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Bragging about the Hubby  

Posted by: Meredith

Ya'll I just have to give some bloggy love to my dear Hubby J. The other day I was in dire need of some chapstick! I mean, like get off the interstate just to go to the gas station and give the guy a five dollar bill just for a stick of lip balm! ( I did not really do this, instead I got on the phone with Hubby J. on the way home from school and fussed the entire way about how my lips were going to fall off because they were so dry.)

I have this horrendously junked up purse, it's like a black hole for everything important to me: ie. Chapstick! I can buy a three pack of the stuff and it's all gone within a few weeks. Not because I have used it all, but because it has gone off to the land of lost lip balm.

Well Saturday when I checked the mail there was a package from "Zip Stick" "The original lighter leash" So, of course, I called Hubby J. and asked him if he started smoking. To my surprise the package was for me and it was not a lighter leash.

Lo and Behold, it was a chapstick leash!!!

This thing is amazing! And I got 2 of them. Hubby J. said he thought I might need an extra one with the way I keep track of things. It clips on to anything and there is always lip balm within reach. Hubby J. even sought out this style of holder because he didn't want me driving in traffic trying to take chapstick off of my key chain and getting in a wreck. He really is amazing. This way I just have to reach over to my purse and slather away!

I don't always give him credit, or say thank you when he deserves it, and I still get these unexpected little bits of love from him.
xoxo to you Hubby J.


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Oh my gosh! I NEED this! I always have to have something on my lips, and I have Chapstick and Lip Smackers all over the house. I can never find one when I need it!

OH I'm so jealous! I have chapstick everywhere, in the car, in my coat pockets, in my purse...! Is there a support group for chapstick addicts????

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