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Breaking the habit...  

Posted by: Meredith

From the day Little B. was born until this past Saturday night I have always laid in the bed with B. until he fell asleep. Then got back in bed with him when he would inevetably wake up in the middle of the night. I have not really had much of a problem with it, however, I have tried to get him to sleep by himself a few times, it just never worked.

For some reason I decided Saturday evening that Little B. was a BIG BOY now and he could go to bed by himself like a big boy. "HAHA this is going to be fun," I thought to myself, along with "why must you torture yourself with insane ideas like this?"

Well things went better than expected. I had a little talk with B. before I took him to his room and explained that big boys go to bed by themselves, and he was a big boy now. He agreed, gave pop pop goodnight sugars, and held my hand as we went upstairs to his room. He told the fish goodnight, turned off their light, I turned on the night light, tucked him into bed, and sang "Jesus loves me" to him. He was so tired his little eyes could barely stay open. When I was done singing, I kissed him and said goodnight.

Here's where I feel like a bad mom...

I had to run to is door to escape before he caught me, he is a fast one I tell ya. I also locked his door so he could not get out. (Please do not e-mail or threaten me about how this is going to scar him for life, I already thought about that, but at this age he is not in a crib and if I don't lock the door he will just keep opening it and leaving his room to look for me. Once the habit of sleeping alone is instilled, I will no longer lock his door.)So, of course, he is crying and screaming 'MOM', but I can tell that he is not upset to the point of making himself sick, so I let him cry. I figured I would be in tears myself as this would go on for a long time.

I called my mom to get my mind on other things for at least a few minutes and to my surprise, when I hung up the phone 20 minutes later there was no crying or screaming. SILENCE! OMG how could this be? Could I really be that lucky?

I waited an hour and went to check on Little B. and I wish I had taken a picture of him because it was sooo adorable. He had pulled the covers down on his bed, but was laying on his pillow looking as happy as can be. (I did unlock his door at this point just incase he woke up in the middle of the night and needed me.)

I went to bed a bit later and did not wake up until what would have been 7AM had we not turned the clocks back! Really, this kid, who I thought would be in my bed every night until he graduated high school had slept all by himself for 11 hours!

Last night I followed the same routine as Saturday night, and within 15 minutes he was out! Again he slept all night and did not get up until 10 minutes before the clock was going to go off!

I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. I never thought it would be this easy! I keep my fingers crossed that tonight and the rest of the nights will be just as easy or easier!

(It's amazing to be able to share a bed with my husband and not have to leave him in the middle of the night, even thought I think he enjoyed having the bed to himself for the majority of the time. It's my turn to get what I want, a full night of sleep.)


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