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Crazy Schedule Contest!  

Posted by: Meredith

I want to know what everyone's schedule is like for this holiday season!

With multiple families to visit, many traveling long distances, so many people to visit this time of the year can become a headache.

This year I am pretty lucky that Hubby J.'s parents will be down here from NY to spend the holiday time. Our Thanksgiving will be fairly easy this year. We will head over to my Sister-in-laws to have lunch with the Sawyer family, eat lots of yummy food, including the chocolate pie with cherries that Little B. gets to help make, and relax and enjoy the family.

Then, just as our tummys begin to feel empty we will head over to my Grandfathers house to spend time with my mom's family. Again, there will be lots of food, and good company. Of course, we will not forget our tradition of somehow steering the conversation at the dinner table to the topic of poop. Don't ask me how this happens, but it does. Family outsiders think we are crazy, (the conversation is never that bad, it could be as innocent as asking if Little B. needs his diaper changed because something smells funny) but they see that it is a never fail tradition.

Other years Little B. goes to his father's for Thanksgiving, and if Hubby J.'s family is in NY, we will work my dad's family into the Thanksgiving day mix.

I want to know how crazy your schedule is. The craziest schedule, by my standards, which may be completely subjective, will be the winner. There is no prize to win except the admiration of the rest of us who will keep you in out thoughts and prayers as you deal with a schedule that only a superhero can handle.

Good luck to you all, and please drive safely!


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