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The day I would write a book about...  

Posted by: Meredith

My last Aloha Friday question,'If you could pick just one day of your life to write a book about, which day would it be?', must not have been very interesting because I only received 5 comments!

And a great THANK YOU goes out to those who did take the time to comment.

I didn't answer my own question Friday because I think if I gave you the short answer, 'The day I met my Husband,' it would seem too bland of an answer.

Here is the story behind the day I met my husband, it's pretty spectacular, however, I am not a good writer when it comes to giving lots of details, I can be pretty lazy about details, but you will get the idea...

January of 2007 I was enrolled in an online intro to computers class. (Yes I think it is counter-productive to have an intro to computers class online, but I was not new to computers, just satisfying a requirement for school.) This guy in my class had been asking me for help via the online discussion boards for the class. We began chatting through IM without discussing coursework, and he seemed to be a kinda cool guy.

One night I decided to meet up with this guy at a local bar (I had never met him before, and only knew him from his online photo.) I took my girlfriend for 1) safety, 2) so I would have someone to talk to, and possible help with a quick escape if guy turned out to be not cool.

As soon as guy walked into the bar, before he made his way to our table, I was trying to convince my girlfriend that we should run out the back exit never to return. Lucky for me she made me stay. Guy sat beside my friend, and became the most uncool person in the world. 1) he looked nothing like his online photos, they were obviously from a long time ago, 2) after almost every sentence spoken by any of the three of us, his response was "It happens."

When I asked why he said this all the time his response was that it was nicer than saying Shit Happens. O what a gentleman he was. My girlfriend must have found this endearing because we were hooked into going to his house, way out in the boon docks (I know this was not smart of two girls) and attend the bonfire party his roommates were having. Oh yeah, there was a keg, so the beer would be free!

Once at this party I immediately wanted to leave because the smell of marijuana did not please me. Again, I was a pushover and my girlfriend convinced me to stay. And thank God she did...

There he was...

I walked over to where my girlfriend was talking to this guy, a super hot guy by the way, and I was not a very good friend to her because I just pushed her out of the way so I could meet this hottie! What a night.

We stood by the bonfire, laughing at the drunk people, freezing our butts off (it was January and very cold, below freezing if I remember correctly), and chatting like we had known each other forever. Just remembering it makes my heart go pitter patter. He even shared his gloves with me. We talked until past 3am.

Two weeks later we had our first date, and six months after that we were married!


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What a great first meeting story!!

I agree. It is a good meeting story. I think I need to go to a bonfire. HAHAHA

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