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I didn't understand 95% of the movie...  

Posted by: Meredith

No I am not talking about TWILIGHT! I actually haven't seen Twilight yet, bought my tickets today to see the 12 o'clock showing tomorrow.

I am referring to the movie ONCE. It's a movie from Dublin, Ireland and the accents were so strong I could not understand hardly any of it.

Once is a musical of sorts, in that there is a lot of singing, but it's not like CATS or anything. I added this movie to our Net.Flix list but knew nothing about it. I guess it is a love story, but not in the traditional sense. The ending was all wrong.

I am going to admit that I really don't know what all happened in the movie, with the accents and the appletinis I was enjoying I can't really tell you the story line, but the MUSIC was TERRIFFIC! The guy and girl that play the two main characters actually wrote and performed the music in the movie.

I immediately downloaded all the music from the movie to add to my ipod. I recommend you either rent the movie, or just download the music. Of course, if you are from Ireland, you will probably not have the same issues I did about understanding the conversations.


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Is this the movie that one the Oscar for best song? I have heard good things about it, but now, I don't know!

I cant wait to hear how twilight went!!
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