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New Judges and what that could mean...  

Posted by: Meredith

In my last post I expressed my concern over loosing so many judges in Mecklenburg County. Well my numbers were off, 5 judges lost their place on the bench, not 6.

But here is a news article from local channel 9 WSOC.

This article is about the inexperince of the newly elected judges and what this could mean for the courts.

Check it out there is some information there about the new judges, but it is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have personal experence with a District Court Judge in Mecklenburg County who is fairly new to the bench. (When the case began he was just a year into his run. Now two years in.) This judge showed up in court for a child support hearing and disclosed to the entire courtroom that he normally is able to say that he is prepared for the cases he is about to preside over, but this one day he could not say that due to having been to a party the day before, therefore, he was not prepared.

That day was December 11, 2007, that day the judge said he would write a child support order in my case. To this day I still do not have that order. It has never been written! Though I have written many letters, made many calls, and sent oodles of emails, and order.

If this is the kind of performance that is to be expected from judges new to the bench, then we are in for a huge mess.

All we can do now is pray they will have the sense to do what is right.


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