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Now that it's over, Let's all move on...  

Posted by: Meredith

I am so glad that the election is behind us. I hate missing those awesome GEICO and KMART commercials that I so love due to the campaign ads. I'm sure you all agree, knowing what is on sale at the grocery store is ultimately more important than if your local mayor has missed days at work or not.

Anywhoo, I am ready to get back to life pre-campaign, where all the hate and negativity on TV came from cable programing and not commercials.

The only election result that really upsets me is that 6 out of the 7 judges in Mecklenburg County that were running for re-election did not win. The best judge in the county lost by less than 1000 votes. Of the judges that did win, some of them are the kind of lawyers that those awful lawyer jokes were written about. Hopefully they will take their new jobs seriously and will not mar the reputation of the Mecklenburg County District Courts.

I hope everyone can ease back into normal life smoothly. I'm sure you all have missed it.

Happy Wednesday,


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