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One Minute Weekend...  

Posted by: Meredith in

I came across this really neat blog, The One Minute Writer. Subtitle is "You have 1,440 minutes a day. Use one of them to write." Each post is a topic for you to write about for one minute. There is even a timer on the sidebar of the blog. I am going to try to use as many of these topics as possible to strengthen my writing, or even just to have something to write about.

Today's writing prompt: Write about something interesting that happened this weekend.

So here goes, begin my minute right now...

This weekend I went to my parents house to help them copy files off of their Jurassic era computer. This computer has a FLOPPY drive, and no other means of transferring data! I took my thumb drive with me hoping and praying for a USB port. Voila, there are 2 USB ports available. Down side, the Windows 84,000BC version they are running would not recognize my drive. Another idea down the drain. Then I remember Bob and Sheri of 107.9 The Link endorsing Go To My PC as a great service. 3 hours later (due to the DIAL UP internet) the service is installed and ready to go. Off to my house I go to connect via the newly installed service. My ending thoughts on this process are that Go To My PC worked beautifully, if slowly (again due to the dial up internet on their end), but the folks MUST get a new computer!


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Floppy drive? Holy cow, that is an old computer!!!

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