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There's a conspiracy in my house!  

Posted by: Meredith

I have decided that the dogs and Brandon are out to get me. When Hubby J. is home with Little B., and I am in school, B. is calm and listens, and the dogs are good too.

When I am home and Hubby J. is at work the house turns into a zoo. And I don't think anyone really believes how crazy it gets. Monday's and Wednesday's I pick up Little B. from school around 4:30 and Hubby J. gets home around 7. By the time 7 rolls around I have that crazed mom look in my eyes and feel like I have been at war, and there is no way to explain what has been going on because it never happens when others are around!

I just got everyone calmed down from today's battle. The dogs were trying to kill each other, Little B. had an atomic diaper that needed changing, I was on the phone; got the diaper changed while the dogs hovered around and Little B. tried to crawl away, ran the stinky to the trash outside, came back into the house to more barking and attacking by the dogs and B. is shoving random objects under the stove while screaming for 'taha'(papa) at the top of his lungs hoping Hubby J. hears him and comes home to play the 'tike'(bike) game on the Xbox.

This kind of stuff never happens when other are around! It makes me think there is a plan between the kid and the animals to drive me so crazy that they take over rule of the house.

What do you have to put up with in your house that only happens to you?


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New to your blog, and I really enjoyed stopping here...looking forward to keeping up with you!


Also, have you registered for today's Mommy Bling giveaway at Halftime

i know. why is that always the case?!?

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