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Tissues and Toilet Paper....  

Posted by: Meredith

My husband needs your help!

When it comes time to open a new box of tissues or replace the empty roll of toilet paper, my husband is fighting his own losing battle.

His questions to you are:

How do you open a box of tissues and only take out one tissue? He seems to be severely upset by the fact that two tissues always come out together.

How do you begin a new roll of tissue without wasting the amount that could be used for a potty break? Again, he is so disturbed by this wastefulness.

When I asked Hubby J. for an off the wall blog topic, because was at a loss for ideas, this is what he gave me. So, if any of you tissue and toilet paper users out there can help, he would appreciate the advice.


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So, does he get this upset if you have to throw leftovers away? :)

I would have to say the biggest part of that problem is just being a Man!!! LOL!!! But in his defense, you HAVE a HUBBY who will change the toliet paper roll? I thought all they knew how to do was to take the new roll and set it on top on the used up roll....

Um, I've never seen these as real problems. :) Your hubby cracks me up.

I have no clue but I am with your hubby and those are two very annoying things.

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