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What I thought about Twilight...  

Posted by: Meredith

It was good. At first I didn't like that there was so much missing that was so important in the book, but then it kinda grew on me. R.Patt as they call him is not really my cup of tea, but he did a good job. I think the actress playing Bella was a good match. I took my husband to see the movie yesterday and I felt like I had been lying to his as to how fantastic the books were. The books are so detailed you feel like you are in the book. Much of this detail and story line was lost in the movie.

I think that I will appreciate the movie once the next one comes out.

Hope you enjoyed the movie, or will be enjoying it soon.

Happy Monday to all,


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I will be seeing it on Friday, but I'm not really a fan of the books, and the commercials for the movie make me laugh, so I have pretty low expectations.

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