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Do you think they even know where babies come from?  

Posted by: Meredith

I found this article on MSN the other day about the Duggars. More than once the parents of this family have been quoted as saying:

“We would love more,’’ Michelle said. “We really believe that each child is a gift from God. We would love to receive more gifts if the Lord sees fit. I guess we’ll just wait and see.”
I wonder if this couple knows where children really come from? I have read their story about how they live debt free (if it's so easy to do with 18 kids, why in the hell is anyone in this world in debt?) and everyone loves each other. In my little family of 3 kids, my brothers and I did not feel the 'love' for one another on any regular basis, as I am sure is the case with many families.

From what I can tell by reading about the Duggars, when asked how they do it financially, they just talk about a seminar they went to years ago about living debt free, and BAM it's done. Sounds kinda fishy to me.

I also feel really sorry for those children. In no way do I disagree with the values they are trying to instill in their children, but without any real world experience, I think the kids are going to be in for a rude awakening when they move out of the family house. I also don't agree with the 'buddy' system they have set up with the kids. Older children are paired up with younger children that they must help get dressed, help with homework, and be responsible for on family outings. I am all for teaching kids responsibility, but get them a dog to care for, not a young child. Children should not be given the job of the parent just because the parents chose to have so many kids. One of their teenage girls is responsible for cooking meals for the entire family! Cooking for 20 is a huge job and I don't think one person should have to do it.

If this life is working for them, good job, but I am very suspicious about this lifestyle because if it were so easy, we would all be able to do it. By no means are my husband and I living an extravagant lifestyle, but we just make ends meet each month. We both have jobs, and there is child support coming in, and it's still hard. How do they do it one one salary?

I don't know how you feel about this situation, and I welcome discussion in the comments section. Please share your feelings, but be nice to others who may feel diferently than you.

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We have two kids, both myself and my hubby work full time, try to earn cash on the side, and still live paycheck to paycheck. We don't go on vacations, don't eat steaks/lobster every night, our kids may have very nice clothes, but believe it or not most of them come from the Salvation Army store, ebay, garage sales or 2nd hand stores. I can't imagine trying to raise more then the two we have even on two incomes.

It looks like it works for the Duggers, but count me out! I think the kids will be a little overwhelmed when they finally do see the world as it really is!

The kids aren't sheltered by any means... and they seem genuinly happy and OK with the situation they are in. Their oldest son just got married and is living on his own. He runs a car lot with one of his brothers and I believe his brother in law.

The Duggars have several rental properties, that is how they are able to stay debt free. And I'm almost postitive that they do not have credit cards. I believe they do everything with cash only.

Don't forget, they are also paid for doing the TLC and Discovery shows, plus speaking arrangements and I'm sure they get quite a few donations as well.

I know I couldn't handle that many kids. But if they can, more power to them.

I once had a pastor who had 12 kids. They also were debt free, living on one income. Mom homeschooled them all, as well. They were well balanced, very happy kids.

Not every lifestyle is for everyone, nor will it work for everyone. ;)

Hey..My Dad lives in MOcksville, NC...He went there after living in Minneapolis, what a change it was and he LOVES it out there.

It is nice to hear someone else shares my thoughts.

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