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Ever had motion sickness?  

Posted by: Meredith

So Hubbs and I are preparing to set sail of the Carnival Freedom.

We are so excited. We went ahead an forked up some extra cash to get a balcony room.

I have just one concern. MOTION SICKNESS!

I can get ill while riding in a car on roads I know while looking down into my purse to find something.
The last time I was on an airplane, I worried about how Little B. would do, but I ended up being the one taking deep breaths and trying to focus.

I was out on the lake in a canoe a few years back and when I got back on dry ground the spinning began, to the point I felt like I had been taking tequila shots all day.

If you have issues with motion sickness, or if you have been on a cruise and experienced it, please let me know what you did to prevent/treat it.

The Carnival website says they will give you free motion sickness medicine, but it is an antihistamine, which if it is anything like benedryl, I will end up sleeping the entire time we are at sea.

I think I will head to the Dr. office the Saturday and see if they will prescribe the motion sickness patches. Maybe they will work without making me sleepy.

All advice is welcome, what works, what doesn't...


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Oh lucky you! I would love to go on a cruise! I hope you have lots of fun. I went on a day cruise once, and I took Dramamine. That helped a lot.

But here is a link that might give you some other suggestions.

I wanna go!!! I think those things are so big that there's very little rocking going on. You shouldn't be too concerned about motion sickness...if it were an issue than SO many people wouldn't continue to go!

Don't believe its free motion sickness pills, I have been on several Carnival boats and the last one I went on rocked so bad That I had to take it. and it wasnt free, 8 bucks, I would get something from your doctor before you go. Now the freedom is a beautiful ship! You will have a grand time! The camp carnival staff is wonderful!! The babysitting is wonderful so you and your hubby can enjoy some of the night shows which I do reccommend and some dancing! The spurlge will be worth it for your first cruise, but you will find that you are never in your room, with so much to do you will only go there to sleep and change!! When you go to eat breakfast go to the back of the ship in the dining room and eat at the deck on the back of the ship the view is wonderful! Also the dining room at the back has a pizzeria that makes custom omelets so you dont have to eat the food under the heat lamp! If you have any questions I would be thrilled to answer them for you!! Hope you have a wonderul time!!

You are SO LUCKY. I have never been on a cruise so I am no help unfortunately. I did get on a boat when we were in the Virgin Islands and I took some dramamine. But that wasn't a long time. We flew to the Virgin Islands which I don't recommend because it took FOREVER to get there. I wanted to cruise but my DH didn't. So as long as we got there it was okay. :)

I have been on two cruises and did not get motion sickness. My husband recommends the patch or antivert, which makes some people drowsy. Good luck...I cannot wait to see your cruise photos!

I found you through my blog frog, and your blog is adorable! I've been on several cruises. The best thing I've done is gotten an RX from the doc for a transdermal patch. It sticks right behind your ear, and lasts for 3 days. They are the best. They take any motion right away, and I usually leave mine on a day or two after the cruise ends, just in case. You can get land sick, afterward. Have fun! Enjoy that balcony!

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