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Every time I see rainbows...  

Posted by: Meredith

Every time I see a rainbow I am transported back to a day in my childhood that I will never forget.

I had to be less than 4 years old, my parents were still married. I was out in the back yard, in one of those plastic kiddie pools, playing with my dolls, BY MYSELF. I guess mom had to go inside for a minute with one of my brothers.

It was one of those summer days where we would have a storm come through every afternoon, but it would only last for 15-20 minutes. I must have decided to play outside after the rain because there was a HUGE beautiful rainbow. I don't recall if this was the first real life rainbow I had ever seen, or if it was just the most beautiful. I screamed at the top of my lungs for my mommy to come outside and see the rainbow.

I thought if I went inside to get someone the rainbow would disappear, so I just screamed and screamed. By the time anyone came outside to see what the ruckus was all about the rainbow was gone.

So here is a picture of a rainbow that I saw on my way home today...

From 1208

Yes, I took this photo with my camera through the windshield while driving down the interstate on the way home from work today.



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It's so beautiful!

Isn't it crazy that your mom would leave you in a pool ALONE...moms back then didn't freak out about everything...and we still survived...amazing!

I agree with April. What happened to this world? Parents used to do or not do all kinds of stuff and their kids turned out just fine!!!!

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