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I'm getting back to it..  

Posted by: Meredith

School is finally over for the semester! Woo feels good.

I know I haven't posted much to read or look at lately, but I do have a few reviews coming up in the next week and both of them include GIVEAWAYS! I am also planning a post that will include two or three examples of crocheted bags I have made the past couple of weeks. I am in need of your opinion on these bags. I can't decide it making them is something I want to do for myself, and give them away, or if I may want to put a lot of time into making them in quantity and sell them in an Etsy shop.

Many things to come, but for now...

Today, after my last accounting class, I decided to go to Lowe's and buy some play sand. No, we do not have a sand box, it's for the Goldie tank. I had wanted to put sand in this tank along time ago, but thought the process of 'washing the sand' sounded way too difficult.

While I had the fish out of the tank, I also sponge painted the back with acrylic paints in blues with glitter mixed in for fun.

From 1208

This is the before shot. I had removed the gravel and decorations about a month ago in an effort to keep the water cleaner. Unfortunately, there was no way to maintain sufficient bacteria in the tank to remove ammonia from the water. So in comes the sand.

From Downloads

Eddy didn't like the fish splashing around while I was taking them out of the tank so he ran and hid under the printer!

From Downloads

Here is the first coat of light blue paint on the glass, with the water half drained.

From Downloads

With the second coat of dark blue/glitter paint, and sand in the water.

From Downloads

With all the sand, 'treasure' as Hubby J. calls it, and full of water. Hopefully it will not take too long to clear.

From Downloads

The little fishes in their temporary bucket. Because the water out of the hose was soooo cold I had to add ice cubes to slowly acclimate them to the new temp of the aquarium.

From Downloads

The new fella, a dojo/weather loach. I bought him because he is so ulgy I knew Hubby J. would love him.

I just realized I don't have a picture of them back in the tank, and I am not going to get up and get one now because I am: 1-too lazy and 2- the water is still a bit hazy and you couldn't see it all very well.

This was my project for today. Tomorrow is cleaning day. Maybe I will come across another fun project to share.

Be sure to to check back on Monday for a review of the Precious Girls Club and GIVEAWAY!!!


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