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One extremely HOT cup of tea...  

Posted by: Meredith

I received this little gem of a travel coffee mug for Christmas.

From blog

This is the best travel mug ever! It's a Contigo Autoseal mug. Mine is from Caribou Coffee, I checked their website and did not see it for sale, so I guess you can only find it in the stores. Anyway, I have had a sore throat the past couple of days and thought it a good idea to make a bit of hot tea with honey this morning instead of coffee.

Well I boiled my water, added it to the mug with a tea bag and the honey, closed the lid and hit the road for work. Of course, any other mug would allow heat to escape so that by the time traffic came to a stand-still because some moron is getting a speeding ticket and all traffic has to stop to look, the contents of your cup is a perfect drinking temperature. However, it never stays that temperature, you have to drink all your coffee/tea in less than 5 minutes or it is too cold to be good.

So, when I got to work, my tea was still way too hot. Another half hour after that, still way too hot. The solution, I could just pour a little at a time into another cup and sip all morning on hot tea. This mug allowed me to enjoy my hot tea and not have to chug it down to beat the chill factor.

I highly recommend finding one of these mugs if you are a coffee addict/hot tea fiend. You will not regret the purchase. Here are some reviews I found on the internet:

iVillage: Commuting CompanionOctober 2007"If you can't start the day without your morning caffeine rush, you shouldn't live without this travel mug from Contigo.""The sleek, self-sealing mug has become my must-have commuting companion." "Best of all, it never, ever spills or leaks thanks to a button that seals the drinking hole when I'm not sipping - no thinking necessary."
Aspen Times: An Extreme Travel Mug for Coffee LoversJanuary 2007"The Contigo Extreme Travel Mug. I never start a day without this trusted companion.""The Contigo is a coffee junkie's dream."
Ethical Bean Coffee Company: Stainless Steel AUTOSEAL® Mug named their new Good MugJuly 2008"I have been in on the selection of this mug from the beginning, and am proud to say that we've picked a winner... Ethical manufacturing, leak proof-spill proof, highest quality and easy to clean. The Good Mug is a great mug, yours to enjoy for a lifetime."


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I love any kind of coffee mug. I will see if I can find one on eBay. Thanks for the tip. :)

You can find the Ethical Bean Good Mug / Contigo Autoseal at Ethical Bean Xpress (on the the Skytrain platform at Commercial Dr. and Broadway), at the Ethical Bean roasting plant (1315 Kootenay St. Vancouver), Donald's Market on Commercial Dr. and various London Drugs locations.

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