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Way past bedtime...  

Posted by: Meredith

Lately, Hubby J. and I have been letting Little B. stay up way past any reasonable bedtime. I don't really know how it came about. We were doing so well with the going to bed alone thing. Little B. would give sugars and hugs and be off to bed all by himself. Within 2 to 3 minutes he would be quiet in his room and eventually fall asleep.

Then all the hard work disappeared! I think Little B. had been to his father's one weekend, and came home a little off schedule, then he went to my mother's for a night and his schedule was totally off when he got home. I know we should have gone right back to putting him to bed alone, but with Thanksgiving, and family visiting, he just stayed up at night. He has been going to bed around 10pm lately, which gives me and Hubbs no time alone as we go to bed at 10 also.

I suppose it really is not hurting anyone too much to let B. stay up late; he definately does not seem to mind, and it is not bothering him the next day. So maybe after the holidays, and out vacation in January, when things settle a bit, we will go back to making B. go to bed by himself.

However, I do enjoy the snuggle time I have with him every night...


And, of course, Little Eddy loves to chill out with us also!


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We let our girls stay up super late in the summer and then when school starts back we realize how much alone time we have missed...but the snuggle time with the kids is great!

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