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My first award!!  

Posted by: Meredith

I feel like I have officially entered the world of real bloggers! I received my first blog award the other day from LORI at The Downs Gang! Thanks Lori! If you don't know her please go check it out!!

So the rules say that I have to tell you five of my addictions and then pass it on to five more bloggers! and leave comments for each of the 5 and Thank the person who sent it to you.
My addictions are:

-A little bit of coffee with my cup of sugar (seriously, I like super sweet coffee)
-Sushi (although I don't get to eat it too often)
-Fish (I have three aquariums and will be begging on hands and knees for a saltwater tank as soon as we have a bigger house)
-Chapstick (Hubbs even got me a 'leash' for my chapstick)
-Gossip Girl/the new 90210 (I know how sad this is, but it's my own little escape from reality)
Here are the 3 people I am passing this award on to, even though more deserve it, I am running super short on time:
Christy at The Write Gal
April at Delta Kids

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You are welcome and so deserve it!!

Congratulations. Bloggy awards are a lot of fun. You really do deserve it.

I have an award for you on my blog too. (on a post I posted Jan 16th) I guess my comment didn't go through?

I just gave you a bloggy award in my recent post. Sorry it's a longer post to work through. I really enjoy your blog!

Congrats on your award!!

Thank you Meredith! I will post about my new award tomorrow...glad you're back.

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