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Not Me Monday #1  

Posted by: Meredith

My first "Not Me" post:
There are so many "not me" things I want to confess to, but I will keep it short.
  1. I did not suffer a week with a virus sure to bring the death of me for a whole week only to wake up feeling 100% better the day of my doctor's appointment.
  2. I did not lose 6 lbs. this week from being so sick I could not eat. (Fingers crossed it does not rebound back on before the trip next week. Cute bikini, here I come.)
  3. I did not decide to be lazy and put off cleaning the super nasty fish tanks until a night this week so I can do it in addition to everything else that needs to get done before the trip.
  4. I did not promise Little B. brownies after dinner, let him help make them, put them in the oven, and then distract him while they were hidden so he never got one last night.
  5. I did not give in to the pitiful sobs coming from Little B.'s room after I put him to bed, therefore, allowing him to get up and eat ice cream with me.
  6. I did not make my mom the cutest tote bag ever and then wish I could keep it for myself.
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Don't you hate it when you feel better, on the day you see the doctor? Or when your child is lethargic at home, but by the time you get them to the doctors office, they are running all over the place, like there is nothing wrong?

Well at least I am glad you are feeling better!! Would hate for you to be sickey poo when you leave for your cruise!!

COngrats on the weight loss! Oh, but feel better too.

I am glad you are feeling better, there sure seems to be a lot going around right now.

Have fun on your trip, and enjoy your bikini!!

I can see myself in so many of these!!! Have a great time on the trip!!

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