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On my way to this...It must stop!  

Posted by: Meredith

If I don't stop what I am doing and start taking care of myself I am going to end up looking like this cat! It's amazing that while on a cruise, where the average vacationer gains a pound a day, I didn't gain ANY weight at all. Back at home, however, I can't seem to not gain weight. I know I posted a while back about getting into shape for the cruise, well that didn't go anywhere.

I have to stop this and get it under control. As of Tuesday, I have had well under 2000 calories a day, and I hope to find a good routine with a daily intake of around 1500 calories and get on the treadmill at least 4 times a week.

Wish me luck, or just tell me to get off my ass, it might help more.


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Sorry Meredith...I will be of no help to you! I was planning to get skinny for my class reunion in October...didn't happen! And...I still haven't gotten on the wii fit that we got for Christmas! I need some serious motivation!!!

Your posts haven't been showing up on my blogroll. I wonder why?

I have to admit, pictures of very fat cats are somehow endearing.

It's hard to be motivated to exercize and get in shape. I'm trying to convince myself that I really really need to. It's difficult.

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