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Time to speed thing up...  

Posted by: Meredith

I am being lazy here so I am going to shorten up summary of the rest of the cruise that Hubbs and I went on.

I put our pictures into slideshows by the location of the pictures. That way, if you want to see them you can, if not, then skip them; it's up to you.

Here are the first pictures:

This was our trip to FL. and the day we boarded the ship. It also includes the pictures we got at the show the first night and the two formal night pictures that were taken onboard.

Key West:

We had so much fun strolling up and down Duvall St. Such a beautiful place. A great day ending with Jason taking a much needed nap.

Grand Cayman:

We swam with the stingrays, which is something I can scratch off my 'I never thougth I would have done that' list. The last pictures of the slideshow are from our balcony showing the stormy weather we were heading into. From Wednesday night through the rest of the cruise the waters were this choppy or worse. Thank the Lord for the motion sickness patch.


We went to Prospect Plantation, and had the best tour guide and jitney driver ever! They were so funny, and the driver took a bit of a likening to me... Hubbs better watch out, I may move to Jamaica, I know people...

Extra Pics:

Not many pics here. The towel animals that were in our room most nights, some pics of Bill and Michelle our dinner partners, and Hubbs and I after some drinks at the comedy show.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for reading.


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I really am jealous! We've been wanting to do a cruise with the kids, but my 8 year old says she will never get on a ship...great excuse to go without kids!!!

awww bring back memories of my cruise!! Didint you love swimming with the sting ray's!! That is what we did, That water was sooo blue !!

Looks like you had a great trip! I'm slightly jealous! :)

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