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Welcome 2009!  

Posted by: Meredith

This is my 100th post and I could not come up with a unique, exciting post idea. How sad is that. Hit a milestone and there is nothing great there to greet you. Isn't that the story of life. Our New Year's eve was full of germs, mucous, and boredom. I hope the way we rang in the new year is not a snapshot of what we can expect.

I know our very near future is full of fun and excitement at least. We are leaving next Saturday to head to FL to take a cruise. We have discussed the recent news stories about people falling/jumping overboard and we will not be drinking ourselves to oblivion, and will remain together. I really don't understand how people go missing, but we will be coming home together, hopefully with some great tans.

Fortunately/unfortunately our family does not make too many plans so we are pretty open to whatever may come our way. Here is what I expect our upcoming year to look like:

January: Hubbs and I are going on a cruise while the kid stays with the grandparents. I know we will love the trip, but I will miss my little B. so much. School also starts this month for me. My last semester before I graduate with a Paralegal degree.

February: Other than Valentines Day, which I don't expect to be any big event, this month is pretty open so far.

March: Little B. will be turning 3 this March. I can't believe it. I think this year he will be old enough to really enjoy a party, Chuck E. Cheese, here we come. My Little B. is getting so big.

April: I vow to plant some tomato plants this year that will actually live. I vow not to burn them with the fertilizer. Little B. and I will also plant flowers in the front of the house, and Hubbs will roll his eyes the entire time.

May: The last of my classes. Graduation is this month. It's finally over. Now I can demand more money at work. Hubbs' birthday is also this month. What an old man, he will be 32! WooHoo the pool opens this month. I can't wait to get B. to the pool. He began to swim alone last year, maybe this year we can start learning to swim without the floaty vest.

June: I hope the weather this month is the same as last year. Perfect. We did not have 100 degree days last year like years in the past. It was very nice.

July: Is a month to stay inside due to the heat. We will probably be at the pool most afternoons after work hoping to tire the kid so he will go to bed while it is still daylight out. The sun being up at 8:30p really messes things up.

August: My life has revolved around a school schedule for so long I don't know what to think about August without going back to school. I think I might actually be a bit sad.

September: You know what, I am going to stop looking ahead at this point.

I don't know what to expect this far in the future. I hope this year is going to bring some great changes to our lives. Not that we are not happy where we are, but we would like to sell our house and find somewhere bigger with a nice yard. (If the housing market ever picks back up.) I would like to find a job that will allow me to provide more for my family. Heck, I will keep the job now if I got a raise. And, possibly begin seriously talking about adding another baby to our family.

I hope the new year brings you every thing you hope for. And the things we all need, love and good health.


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Congrats on the 100th post!! There should be some kind of award or something to mark this day! I have 79 posts so I will be there soon! Hope you and the hubbs have a grand time on the cruise!! I know you will!

Meredith, thanks for friending me! I had an issue with my Reader a while ago, and it deleted a bunch of my feeds, including yours apparently!

Congrats on your 100th post! You year looks like it's going to be a good one.

I admire you. I can't see past tomorrow. You must be organized!

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