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Working towards the bottom of the pile!  

Posted by: Meredith

I promise I am going to share pictures from our trip. However, the bad side to leaving work for a week is having to do all of the missed work when you get back from vacation. I drove all the way to the office on Monday, but didn't think we would be closed. I know banks and all federal and state offices were closed, but I didn't expect Boss Man to take the day off. Well, I got to the office a half hour early and no one was there so I called Boss Man and found out I could go home. I was given the option to stay and work, to catch up, and get paid extra. Did I work on Monday? Heck no! I had not seen my Little B. in almost a week so I went home and kept him home from school so we could play and cuddle all day. It was nice, but I was not prepared for the onslaught of child energy!

I am working on a post with vacation pics, and I am sure it will span a few posts over a few days, and I will have it ready asap!


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This is so much easier to read. I was getting worried there for a minute that it was just my eyes!!! :)

I smiled that you took the day off. Time is more valuable than money. :)

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