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Not the day I wanted...  

Posted by: Meredith

Yesterday, I thought to myself that I sure would love to be able to take today off work. I really wanted to get the rest of the painting done and touch up the little spots where paint got under my tape, and have the other things in the room clean and organized so that when the new furniture was delivered tomorrow, I wouldn't be in a hurry to get stuff finished.

Well, I got today off. But not in a way I wanted. I wanted my boss to call and say that since I am the best (see 'only') employee he has, I should just take the day off to do as I please. Unfortunately, I got the day off because I have been up since 3:30am with a puking child. Yeah, once again the midnight vomit monster has struck our house.

I don't understand why this stuff always happens at night. But the good parents we are, we jumped right up, I had B. in the bathroom cleaning him up and telling him that it was ok to be scared, throwing up is a scary thing, while Hubbs immediately grabbed the carpet foam and cleaned up the mess in the room. Of course, we could not get back to sleep, every sound you hear makes you think there is more cheeseburger on it's way to the bed.

It's now 5:30pm and Little B. is taking his third nap of the day. I haven't been able to keep any liquids in him, and that has me a bit worried because he has not had a wet diaper all day. I called the Dr. and they said there is a bug going around, which I already knew, because Hubbs had the same thing Monday and Tuesday this week. As instructed I will continue to give B. little sips of pedialyte while holding him with a bucket in our lap.

I have washed 4 loads of laundry so far, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors more times than I can count, and have not gotten anything accomplished by way of painting the living room. Thank goodness Hubbs will be home in an hour and a half and can take over vomit duty while I get things done.


I think I am in over my head!  

Posted by: Meredith

I have taken it upon myself to paint our living room. Without the help of Hubbs. I was actually told that I could paint any color I wanted and paint whatever I wanted, as long as I did not ask him for help. Oh what a gentleman he is!
So, last night I gathered all my supplies from the store, picked out a sage-gray color for the walls, and we got furniture moved last night.
I think I am in over my head because I have to have everything done by Saturday morning because our new furniture is being delivered sometime Saturday. I have really only painted a bathroom by myself before, with the exception of the room I painted with quotes scattered on all the walls. But that was not a real paint job because I didn't have to tape off anything or paint around doors or windows.
Haha, boy, do I have Hubbs fooled (and myself for that matter.) I think this may become a test of just how much I can get away with in the future. If all goes well, I can see Hubbs letting me undertake pretty much any project I beg of him; conversely, if all goes terribly wrong, I may never be allowed in the hardware store ever again. However, the in-laws are in town. We conveniently have fairly large projects to tackle whenever they are in town, and they are such a big help. Grandma is great with Little B. and can keep him occupied and out of our hair, and Grandpa knows how to fix or accomplish anything having to do with a house.
I will make sure there are pictures taken of anything that will bring laughter to you all. Like if the paint bucket on top of the ladder falls and we end up with an entire room of sage-gray. Lets hope that doesn't happen.


Approaching a milestone...  

Posted by: Meredith

Well, I think we may be approaching the greatest milestone of anyone's life.... The day the kid learns to potty all by himself!

Last night I saw Little B. get that look on his face like he was about to poop, so Hubbs suggested he go and do it on the potty. GREAT Suggestion.

I took B. to the potty and told him to go and after a bit of confusion on his part as to how the whole poop in the potty thing works, HE DID IT!

I was so excited. Hubbs even let him have ice cream when he should have been going to bed.

I can only hope that he keeps this up and eventually learns to go tinkle in the potty too.

My fingers are crossed.

Happy Valentines Day a day early to all of you.


I guess I was called out...  

Posted by: Meredith

Heatherlyn left me a comment on a previous post a few minutes ago saying that my blog has not been showing up in her blog roll. Ummm, yeah, about that.... I have obviously not been here in a while. Since January 30th to be exact. It's horrible, I have been neglecting this blog for 2 weeks now. I don't know that I have gone this long without a post ever in the past.

You see, a few weeks ago the high for the day was like 23 degrees F, which may not be that bad to some of you out there, but the natives of North Carolina are not made for that kind of weather! So , when the weather warmed up to highs in the upper 60's and lower 70's two days later, I went outside with Little B. I don't know why warm weather makes life seem busier, but it sure has lately.

The days are getting longer, and B. wants to play outside with the other kids, which is wonderful that he is coming out of his shell and making friends. Other than playing outside in the evenings, I really haven't added much to my daily routine, but I feel like I have not had time to stop and rest.

I have done one really cool thing since the last time I posted, I sold my huge goldfish. I was really sad to see them go, but they were just too big for the aquarium I had them in, and since we really can not buy a bigger house at the moment, I could not get a bigger aquarium. Two of the fish I had to let go of were the first two fish we had. Hubbs won them at the county fair by throwing ping pong balls into little fish bowls. I never would have thought 'fair' fish would have been as healthy and beautiful as these fish turned out to be.

So I took four fish to the local pet shop and the owners were absolutely shocked at the size and beauty of these fish. I felt like the best fish mommy in the world! I did get some baby fancy goldfish, a hoplo catfish, some live plants, and much needed water conditioner for free. I think the pet shop lady got a fantastic deal on the fish, seeing as how she will now sell them for $30 a piece, and I went home with about $30 worth of stuff. But I am not one to be greedy, and I really could not have taken home anything else as over crowding was the problem I had to begin with.

I am very pleased with the look of the tank now with the live plants and baby fish. Now if this housing market would pick up again, I could have that 125 gallon aquarium I dream of....