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Approaching a milestone...  

Posted by: Meredith

Well, I think we may be approaching the greatest milestone of anyone's life.... The day the kid learns to potty all by himself!

Last night I saw Little B. get that look on his face like he was about to poop, so Hubbs suggested he go and do it on the potty. GREAT Suggestion.

I took B. to the potty and told him to go and after a bit of confusion on his part as to how the whole poop in the potty thing works, HE DID IT!

I was so excited. Hubbs even let him have ice cream when he should have been going to bed.

I can only hope that he keeps this up and eventually learns to go tinkle in the potty too.

My fingers are crossed.

Happy Valentines Day a day early to all of you.


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Well done! Miracles never cease.

Yay! Congrats to him! I'm sure it won't be long before he's completely trained.

Hey girl! WOO HOO on the potty training! :) I hope school is going okay. I haven't seen you around much lately. You must be very busy.

yeahhh way for him!!

You also have an award to mark this stupendouious of days

Congrats! That's soooo exciting!

Now that is some wonderful news! A major hurdle!


Hi Meredith...congrats! My son, who was also born in March of '06 is also a work in progress on the potty. He's pooped 3x now but still goes plenty in his diapers. As of this weekend, we made the leap to pull-ups. I think with many boys (and this is def. the case with ours), they just don't want to stop playing long enough to go potty. Good luck with this and keep everyone posted. I'm always looking for suggestions, as this has been pretty tough for us! Great job!

Can I give you my two cents on the potty subject?

Bribery!! do what works but for me M&M's worked for both of my kids. both were completly trained wearing undies/panties before the age of 2. At first they got 2 or 3 then it went to 2 for poop 1 for pee and trust me he will learn to work the system but oh well if he is doing it on the toilet instead of a diaper great!

after a bit you will be able to wean him off M&M's I promise:)

So now that you have planted the seed in his head run with it and good luck and try to keep your sanity. I have other ideas so if you need any more of my tips please ask

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