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I think I am in over my head!  

Posted by: Meredith

I have taken it upon myself to paint our living room. Without the help of Hubbs. I was actually told that I could paint any color I wanted and paint whatever I wanted, as long as I did not ask him for help. Oh what a gentleman he is!
So, last night I gathered all my supplies from the store, picked out a sage-gray color for the walls, and we got furniture moved last night.
I think I am in over my head because I have to have everything done by Saturday morning because our new furniture is being delivered sometime Saturday. I have really only painted a bathroom by myself before, with the exception of the room I painted with quotes scattered on all the walls. But that was not a real paint job because I didn't have to tape off anything or paint around doors or windows.
Haha, boy, do I have Hubbs fooled (and myself for that matter.) I think this may become a test of just how much I can get away with in the future. If all goes well, I can see Hubbs letting me undertake pretty much any project I beg of him; conversely, if all goes terribly wrong, I may never be allowed in the hardware store ever again. However, the in-laws are in town. We conveniently have fairly large projects to tackle whenever they are in town, and they are such a big help. Grandma is great with Little B. and can keep him occupied and out of our hair, and Grandpa knows how to fix or accomplish anything having to do with a house.
I will make sure there are pictures taken of anything that will bring laughter to you all. Like if the paint bucket on top of the ladder falls and we end up with an entire room of sage-gray. Lets hope that doesn't happen.


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Good luck! I hate painting but I LOVE the difference a good paint job makes!

Well, I have seen a falling bucket. Then again, I know a man who did not like to stir his buckets of paint; he liked to shake them. He did so in him mom's living room. She had to buy new carpet. lol

Good luck.


My husband is a gentleman like your husband!

My husband let me do whatever I wanted before and I planted 3 HUGE islands in our back yard with a contractor!

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