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The Terrible 2's curse has been lifted!  

Posted by: Meredith

Little B. turned 3 at the beginning of this month. I don't think I have the words to express how different our child has been in the last 4 weeks. B.'s vocabulary has grown amazingly, which has helped with the frustrated tantrums we used to experience. He is also coming out of his shell and has friends in the neighborhood that he asks to play with. He will even leave the room that I am in to go play with other kids or all by himself. The clinginess is definitely gone.

We used to have the worst time getting B. to go to bed alone. I spoiled him by letting him sleep with me for the longest time, and when Hubbs and I got married it was difficult for B. to sleep in his own room without me. So I would end up sleeping in B.'s room all night. We decided about 6 months ago to start putting him in bed by himself and letting him cry it out until he went to sleep. This was hard on all of us as he would sometimes cry for an hour before falling asleep, or I would get really sad and let him get up and fall asleep on the couch or in my lap. However, since turning 3, B. has been going to sleep and staying asleep by himself with no problems. I tell him 15 minutes before bedtime that he needs to settle down because he only has "minutes" before bedtime, and when that time comes I tell him to give Papa, Chewy, and Eddy goodnight kisses and tuck him into bed.

Last night he got in bed and covered up by himself and then rolled over to look up at me and said "goodnight mama" while waving and pointing to the door. As I turned to walk out of his room he even told me that I needed to "shut door."

We have even begun potty training, but without really training. In the evenings, after bath time, we have been letting B. run around without a diaper and with his little potty in the room with us. Every few minutes one of us will remind him that if he needs to potty he needs to sit on the potty and do it, not on the floor. B. seems to be at a stage where he is comfortable moving into the big boy world and has been very good at using the potty by himself when needed.

I am so excited about the person Little B. is becoming. He has the greatest personality, and is changing so much every day. It's amazing how much has changed this fast. To all of those parents out there suffering with the terrible 2's, hang in there, it will get better, and you won't believe how fast it all changes.


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Isn't it great when they start growning up. I know that had to be so hard letting him cry. I always have major guilt when I just let them cry.

I sure hope three is better for you, my own experience, two was easy compared to three.

I'm so glad that he can happily sleep in his own bed. It is one of those nice perks about kids growing up! Being potty-trained is great too! Happy Birthday to him!

Glad things are getting easier. I thought I lucked out. My daughter who is 3 and a half by passed the terrible twos. She slid right into the frustrating fours early, two fold. This shall pass, right? :)

I love the design of your blog!:) Thanks for sharing.

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