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The Grayson Rose  

Posted by: Meredith

My favorite local radio station is the home town station for a nationally syndicated radio show, The Matt and Ramona Show, that is probably the best radio show in the US. Matt and Ramona have been working together since 2000 and they are just a great team. I have been listening to the show for as long as I can remember. Listening to Matt and Ramona everyday you really get to know who these two people are in real life.

Recently, Matt, of the Matt and Ramona show, and his wife Amy had to experience a tragic event that I cannot even begin to imagine. Matt and his wife lost their second baby girl when Amy was 35 weeks pregnant.

I remember driving to school after work one day listening to the show. I wondered where Matt was and why everyone else on the show seemed so somber. Then, between stories, Ramona told the audience why Matt was not in the studio that day, and that he would not be back for a while. He and his wife needed time to grieve the loss of their baby girl, Grayson.

I broke down in tears driving down I-77 at the news. What an awful thing for anyone to have to go through. I thought of how I would feel if one day my baby, B., was not here anymore, and that is something I would not wish upon anyone. It breaks my heart just thinking about it now.

This post is not meant to be a downer. I wanted to share with you all the Grayson Rose, and what it means, how it will help, and how you can get one. This post is not sponsored by anyone, and I was not asked to share this information, I think it is something you all will be interested in.

The Grayson Rose, pictured above, is available from Ashdown Roses and proceeds will be supporting March of Dimes.
"From the fields of the French nursery Delbard comes this outstanding shrub
bearing dark velvet-red blooms all season long. The plant grows upright, is well
foliated and very disease resistant. Delbard has been growing and breeder roses
for over 70 years and we are delighted they have allowed this rose to be called
The Grayson Rose in support of this great cause."
The Grayson rose is available for $18.95, and this year 40% of the proceeds will go to March of Dimes. When 1 in 8 babies are born too soon and March of Dimes is working so hard to help these children live healthy lives, there could not have been a better organization to benefit from this rose.
Ashdown Roses will be shipping this rose in September, which should be the proper time to plant in most areas. While on the Matt and Ramona Show, Paul Zimmerman said the rose could also be shipped at another time should September not be appropriate in your area. And for those of you who do not have a garden, or do not own your home, this rose can be planted in a container, so you could take it with you if you move.
This rose would make a great Mother's Day gift, or Father's Day gift to a father who loves to garden, a birthday gift, or just as a reminder that you care to a family who may have been affected by a premature birth.
I am happy to share this information with you because it is a great cause, I have grown to love Matt and Ramona and their entire cast, and this tragedy affected them all, and the Grayson Rose is just a beautiful rose.


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I cannot imagine what it would feel like to lose a child, or deal with all the stresses that come from having a child born prematurely. The rose idea is a good one.

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