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Writer's Workshop: 400 Bones  

Posted by: Meredith

How excited am I??? Mama Kat just gave me $400 to spend on any ONE thing I want! I can't wait to go shopping.

If I had $400 to spend any way I please, and my husband could not object to me spending the money, I would buy a laser grip for my new S & W 38. The one I want is less than $400 so Mama Kat would be getting some change back.

I heard a story while in a gun shop about a woman who lived in a very expensive neighborhood in the area and her husband had just purchased a gun for her to use for personal protection while he was out of town on business. The night she got the gun, her husband was not at home, and she was sitting in her living room reading the owner's manual of her new weapon. A few minutes later the lady heard someone break into her house and he was approaching the room she was in.

This woman had never used a gun before, and it was not even loaded, but she turned on the laser that was built into the grip, pointed it at the intruder, and when he saw the red dot on his chest he ran. When the cops showed up they found the intruders shoe, which he lost while jumping a fence to get away.

I have been amazed at how often home are getting broken into in this area, while people are in the house. This has been happening during the day or night and at an alarming rate. I want to be able to protect my home and family in the best possible manner, and if a little red dot would help, then that's what I want. I would like to say that if my husband were home and someone broke into our house, he would be the one facing the intruder, but I know that is not true. I think I have convinced Hubbs that should that happen, I will be the one to take matters into my own hands, one because I can be a mean SOB when pushed, and the law is easier on women thank men in that situation. Plus it would be fun to use at the range.

So, my spending spree would be not just for fun, but also for practical purposes. If you are not a fan of guns in the home, please don't judge.


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I want a dog for that exact reason. I heard that dog owners have a lot less break ins.

Although....I wouldn't have to FEED a gun...or play with it...or take it on walks...

That's a really scary story but I'm glad he ran away! There's nothing wrong with you wanting to arm yourself if you're comfortable with it. No judging from me.

Um, that's a really good idea actually. Someone could shoot the dog. I think people have every right to protect themselves in their own home.

Um...and now I want to be friends with you cause you sound VERY excited about your S&W. lol. Makes me want one. Girl, that's got bad idea written all over it - lmao!

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